Debbie & Phil @ Holy Trinity, Rayleigh & The Fennes

Debbie & Phil got married at my local… church not pub, although we did kick the day off in my local (I joked about just staying in there from the night before!)

So I met Phil and the boys at The Half Moon for a quick pint (them, not me, although I was tempted!) then crossed the road over to the church.  I’ve shot a few weddings at the Holy Trinity in Rayleigh now but the first time I ever went there was on a school trip when I was about 12!  HT is quite strict for us photographers, but the Reverend did let me stand at the front briefly to capture Debbie walking up the aisle, then stayed at the back, quietly and out of the way.  I don’t know what it is about HT, but there is always fantastic light on the Bride & Groom, I wish all churches were like this!

After the ceremony, we organised the confetti, then asked the guests to go to the reception whilst we grabbed some pictures of the Bridal party.  The next 10 minutes were mental!  It started off warm-ish (warm for April, so jacket weather) then started getting colder and colder until… sleet!  So we called off the pictures and ran to the cars!

The Fennes Estate is about 40 minutes away, so what was the weather like there?  Glorious sunshine and blue skies!  Perfect for some of the gorgeous settings they have at the Fennes, like the famous bridge!
It was a crazy but fun day & I love working at the Fennes, it’s such a relaxed vibe and gorgeous building and grounds!

Flowers by Blume, Rayleigh

Not a very good picture (we were rushing), but this is proof it was sleet!