I do albums too!

I never get got round to blogging this, but I was going through some older stuff and thought – yes!  Why not?!

This is Charlie & Rich’s wedding album, made for them to be ready for Christmas 2015 (so yes, I know I could have blogged this over a year ago…!  Does anyone want to help me blog stuff?!  I can pay in wine!)

I love the process of making albums, you choose which images HAVE to be in there, I’ll design something and probably throw some more images in (backgrounds / detail shots / that essential family group that you missed out…)
Not only have we got to think about a design for the inside, but there are soooooooooooo many options for the cover: leather, wood, cork, metal, image… do you want your names embossed?  What colour?  Do you have a special design, or maybe you had your names or initials made into an insignia for your invites?  Can we get that printed on there?  The options are endless, and so I’ve decided to turn my front room into my new album discussion room, with sofa, samples, coffee & cake!

Just to give you an idea of what is available, I’ll detail below what Charlie & Rich chose.

Silver linen box with names and date embossed in silver:

Purple ribbon to compliment wedding colours and Bridesmaid outfit.
Album cover is a solid piece of acrylic that can either have full image from edge to edge or a design of your choice:

Designs can go across two pages:

Duplicate and mini books available, C & R went for 8 pocket books to give to their friends and family:

And finally, this is what the cat thinks of the packing material:

So if you’d like an album – just let me know :) x