Skyla’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash

I don’t do many portraits, as regular followers may have gathered!  So when Skyla’s Mum Leighann popped up on a local photography group asking for help with her daughter’s cake smash I had to help.
Cake smash for 1 year old’s birthday’s seemed to be really popular at the moment so thought I’d give it a go.  We set up in the bathroom (open shower area should be easier to clean up afterwards!) and popped Skyla behind the cake her Mum had made.  Skyla wasn’t too sure at first but got into the swing of things after a little encouragement!

Clare_Kentish_Photography_Rayleigh_Essex_Photographer_Family_Pictures_Cake_Smash_Skyla_07 Clare_Kentish_Photography_Rayleigh_Essex_Photographer_Family_Pictures_Cake_Smash_Skyla_08 Clare_Kentish_Photography_Rayleigh_Essex_Photographer_Family_Pictures_Cake_Smash_Skyla_09 Clare_Kentish_Photography_Rayleigh_Essex_Photographer_Family_Pictures_Cake_Smash_Skyla_10 Clare_Kentish_Photography_Rayleigh_Essex_Photographer_Family_Pictures_Cake_Smash_Skyla_11 Clare_Kentish_Photography_Rayleigh_Essex_Photographer_Family_Pictures_Cake_Smash_Skyla_12 Clare_Kentish_Photography_Rayleigh_Essex_Photographer_Family_Pictures_Cake_Smash_Skyla_13