Lifestyle Christmas Family Photo Shoot

This time last year I’d already started my Christmas shopping* – this year, however, not even thought about it yet!
*(Went to Brighton March last year, found a Pop! figure my friend would have really liked but had just missed her birthday, so saved it for Christmas.  Didn’t actually buy anything else until about October time!)

Vicky & Tom are wedding clients of Dan Casson’s – who I do a lot of work with!  I actually went to their wedding as a second shooter for Dan, I was also helping Dan out in the office when they came to collect their album.  This was also when I first met Oliver!

So, fast forward about six months we prepare for a Christmas shoot at Vicky & Tom’s house.  The black backdrop was, quite simply, their sofa, with a bit of window light <3
Then we ventured into the garden to get something with a bit of a wintery feel, luckily the sun was out to keep us warm and glisten through the leaves in the trees.
Of course, you can’t have a Christmas shoot without Christmas jumpers!

Essex_Rayleigh_Photographer_Family_Portrait_Lifestyle_Clare_Kentish_815Essex_Rayleigh_Photographer_Family_Portrait_Lifestyle_Clare_Kentish_816 Essex_Rayleigh_Photographer_Family_Portrait_Lifestyle_Clare_Kentish_817Essex_Rayleigh_Photographer_Family_Portrait_Lifestyle_Clare_Kentish_818 Essex_Rayleigh_Photographer_Family_Portrait_Lifestyle_Clare_Kentish_819 Essex_Rayleigh_Photographer_Family_Portrait_Lifestyle_Clare_Kentish_820 Essex_Rayleigh_Photographer_Family_Portrait_Lifestyle_Clare_Kentish_821 Essex_Rayleigh_Photographer_Family_Portrait_Lifestyle_Clare_Kentish_822 Essex_Rayleigh_Photographer_Family_Portrait_Lifestyle_Clare_Kentish_814 Essex_Rayleigh_Photographer_Family_Portrait_Lifestyle_Clare_Kentish_823 Essex_Rayleigh_Photographer_Family_Portrait_Lifestyle_Clare_Kentish_824 Essex_Rayleigh_Photographer_Family_Portrait_Lifestyle_Clare_Kentish_825 Essex_Rayleigh_Photographer_Family_Portrait_Lifestyle_Clare_Kentish_826