Derek & Lynda’s Golden Wedding Anniversary at The Roslin, Southend

When my Mum said “Someone at the Bowl’s Club needs you.” I’m thinking – oh no, she’s told everyone I fixed their computer the other day and now I’ve got to do everyone else’s… (Does anyone else get this ?!?!)
Well, this time, no-ones computer needed fixing!  Derek & Lynda were having their 50th Wedding Anniversary and would I do some pictures of the family.  Of course!

It just so happens, Derek & Lynda’s venue of choice is the same venue my parents had their 50th Anniversary 6 months earlier.  Not only that, but The Roslin is where my Mum & Dad had their wedding reception over 50 years ago!  We like to keep it local!

The Roslin is a lovely beach front restaurant and spa in Thorpe Bay (the posh bit next to Southend!)  Lynda & Derek hosted their Anniversary in the Bay Room, the Terrace to the front was where I took the family group pictures, then the big picture of everyone on the steps at the front.

I know I post a lot of weddings, hopefully in 50 years time I’ll be photographing my Bride’s & Groom’s Golden Anniversary too!

Essex_Wedding_Event_Photographer_Rayleigh_Clare_Kentish_Roslin_Southend_1072 Essex_Wedding_Event_Photographer_Rayleigh_Clare_Kentish_Roslin_Southend_1073 Essex_Wedding_Event_Photographer_Rayleigh_Clare_Kentish_Roslin_Southend_1074 Essex_Wedding_Event_Photographer_Rayleigh_Clare_Kentish_Roslin_Southend_1075 Essex_Wedding_Event_Photographer_Rayleigh_Clare_Kentish_Roslin_Southend_1076 Essex_Wedding_Event_Photographer_Rayleigh_Clare_Kentish_Roslin_Southend_1077 Essex_Wedding_Event_Photographer_Rayleigh_Clare_Kentish_Roslin_Southend_1078 Essex_Wedding_Event_Photographer_Rayleigh_Clare_Kentish_Roslin_Southend_1079 Essex_Wedding_Event_Photographer_Rayleigh_Clare_Kentish_Roslin_Southend_1080 Essex_Wedding_Event_Photographer_Rayleigh_Clare_Kentish_Roslin_Southend_1082 Essex_Wedding_Event_Photographer_Rayleigh_Clare_Kentish_Roslin_Southend_1083 Essex_Wedding_Event_Photographer_Rayleigh_Clare_Kentish_Roslin_Southend_1084Essex_Wedding_Event_Photographer_Rayleigh_Clare_Kentish_Roslin_Southend_1081