Sonia & Frank – A Winter Wedding at Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park

OK so I need to apologise – it’s been so long since the last blog I’ve kinda forgotten how!
So much has happened!  Anyway, I won’t turn this into a “Clare’s Life Story” Blog!

So… Sonia & Frank got married at the gorgeous Pembroke Lodge January last year (oops – 13 months ago – sorry!)
We had THE most gorgeous light – which might be why I’m blogging this today because we’ve had the most gorgeous light bouncing off the snow today <3

What a gorgeous venue Pembroke Lodge is too – and the park – I totally didn’t get lost on my way out and drive to the wrong gate at 10 mph – then have to drive the whole length of Richmond Park to get to the gate that was actually open – again at 10mph.  I also didn’t have to stop for EVERY SINGLE DEER – but they are so pretty… so I did… alot!

Prepare yourself for lots of gorgeous details, flowers, pearls and winter sun <3