Debbie & Pat’s Wedding at The Tower of London

People often ask me what my favourite wedding was, what’s my favourite venue?  To be honest – they’re all great, I mean, who else gets to go to a castle, or a country house, or beautiful gardens every weekend – and get paid for it?  I love my job!
(OK, there is quite a lot of time spent on the computer or on the phone between weddings but we’ll ignore that!)

Today I present, Debbie & Pat’s wedding, Pat’s grandfather was a Beefeater – giving our newly-weds the opportunity others couldn’t even dream of; the exclusivity of the Tower of London.  I was asked by the lovely Barbara Mills if I could second with her for this day – I nearly bit her leg off!

The Bride & Groom got ready in separate rooms at the Guoman Tower Hotel (walking distance between both ceremony and reception venues – handy indeed as we left the car there and just walked the 5/10 mins distance between venues)Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London004Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London001 Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London002Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London003 Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London005 Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London006 Pat’s baby also made a special appearance – his Legend Lime Mustang.Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London007
The service was held by The Reverend Roger Hall at The Chapel Royal of St. Peter Ad Vincula – The Tower of London. Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London014Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London009 Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London010 Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London011 Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London012 Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London013 Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London015After the service, our Bride & Groom left the church to greet their guests outside the chapel, next to the Tower itself.  Not much time left at this stage, so after a few group shots (Barbara got those) we did a couple of quick portraits then left before we got in too much trouble with the Beefeaters! Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London017 Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London018 Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London019
The above shot of Pat with his Mustang is now what I affectionately call a ‘drive-by-shooting’!
We were not allowed to stop the car as the Beefeaters were trying to get the everyone out, I suggested Pat stand in position, knowing the only way the Mustang could get out was behind Pat but in front of the Tower.  Best-man Gary drove by nice and smoothly so I could get my shot. Nice one boys!Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London020Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London023After a quick stroll past the Thames the reception and party was held at The Dickens Inn, St Katharine Docks.  Barbara & I took a trip up to London a few weeks before hand – the food at The Dickens was very good!Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London022 Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London024 Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London025 Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London026 Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London027
Can’t get enough of that big bridge thing!  Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London028 Essex_Wedding_Photographer_Tower_of_London029