Charlotte & Charles – St Nicholas & Island Yacht Club

I’m loving all my chilled out weddings this year! C&C are so chill I forgot to discuss half the stuff I needed to discuss when we had our planning meeting (like who the important suppliers are – hence the short list below – sorry!)
Shout outs to:
– T&J – Charlotte’s brother & wife who I photographed a few years ago :D
– the butterfly (Nan?) that INSISTED on stopping between the group photos and me – I think the butterfly wanted to be in the photos ;)
– generally raiding the fridge at Mum’s for drinks
– Carmen cuddles – and babysitting duties – I am available for hire ;) (scroll for pic of me “at work”)
– Sea views
– Wonky cakes
– HUGE jazz band

Church: St Nicholas, Canvey Island
Reception: Island Yacht Club
Make-Up: Lisa Barker MUA
Hair: The Perfect Marriage
Video: Louisa Goldsmith
Car: Lewis Car Hire
Band: The Melvin Beddow Big Band
Second Photographer: Kim at Doodleshots