Sneak Peek! Vicki & Scott @ The Lion Inn, Boreham

Hello weddings, I’ve missed you! It’s good to be back! And V&S truly spoilt me! They’re one of those proper nice, chilled out, happy couples – we’re still waiting for Vicki to go full Bridezilla!
I think we were on our fourth date change – Covid has been a right bugger!
I’ve not shot a wedding since December, but have been doing the odd shoot here and there (a pre-shoot, and taking the camera out when it snowed…). Figured out how to use the cameras pretty quickly thankfully (it’s like riding a bike) – probably took me longer to figure out how to wear my camera harness again!

Anyway! After figuring out the rules (a combination of: stand up / sit down / indoors / outdoors / mask / no mask / drink / no drink) we did a wedding! Yeeeeessssss!

Shout out to these fabulous suppliers for making Vicki & Scott’s day so epic:
Venue: The Lion Inn, Boreham
Dress: Bird’s Bridal, Chelmsford
Suit: Skopes
Bridesmaids: Maya Deluxe
Hair: Chelsea Taylor (also doubled as a Bridesmaid – carrying the dress downstairs!)
Make-Up: Tracy Walls
Rings: Goldsmiths & Fraser Hart
Cake: Mother Tuckers Tea Party (can confirm – lemon drizzle was good)
Pork Pie Cake: The Celebration Pie Company