Intimate Local Wedding Venue – Old House, Rochford

The Old House in Rochford is such a lovely unique venue - and I'm not even being paid to write that!  (Unless someone wants to?  I don't mind!) 
It's nestled in the middle of Rochford, amongst other old building - you'd never really know it's a wedding venue until you go in for a nosey!  So that's exactly what I did during this wedding fair (I was a stallholder too but that's not the point).
It's gardens are well looked after and beaming with flowers - great for photos ;)
And it's ceremony area is full of interesting features - the giant fireplace, the window in the roof, and a well! (Covered in glass - it's ok you won't fall in it!)
Definitely one to check out if you're looking for a local intimate ceremony <3
Website: The Old House
Facebook: The Old House