The Beast From The East: The Wedding!

Tara & Andrew presumably thought they were safe with a March wedding.  Lol nope!  Remember Beast From The East?  Yeh slap bang in the middle of that.  Near a main road?  Nah mate!  Quaint village in the Kentish (yup) countryside - yes that's more like it.  Hehe!
So I packed smart clothes in the car, chucked on the big thick winter coat and chunky boots and headed out hours earlier than normal to get down to Tara's house for bridal prep.  It was actually OK!
Tara & Andrew were super chilled (pun intended?!) about everything, to the extent that I left my smart clothes in the car and continued being warm haha!
We talked before hand about feeding the ducks on the pond outside the Blue Pigeons, with the kids... except in freezing temperatures and ice - nope - we left the kids in the warm and ventured out into the snow ourselves - it was gorgeous!
Journey home was sketchier (is that a word) all that snow had frozen - eeek.  But it's fine - my car got me home, she's a good'n :D

Venue: The Blue Pigeons
Campervan: Retro Rides 4 Brides
DJ: Martin Todd @ Martins Mobile Disco