Kirsty & Tom’s Big Day @ All Manor of Events

K&T found me through a referral from another photographer (the lovely Elizabeth Jayne – check out her work it’s all full of lovely! <3)
Anyway, when K&T moved to a new home 15 minutes away from where we holiday in Suffolk every August – well – I had to take the evening out to visit / escape the in-laws! I can’t remember much but I do remember discussing music and smores! This wasn’t going to be a quiet peaceful wedding, this was all about FUN!
So on the day it rained…. A LOT! But we still had all the fun! And smores! There was a little break in the rain after food so we managed to have a cheeky wander to see the llamas before heading back for… did I mention smores?! They were tttaaaaaassssstttttyyyyyy! Then party, saxophone and more smores (actually that might have been me more than guests – I couldn’t help myself!)

Venue: All Manor Of Events
Flowers: Bethany Rose
Kirsty’s Dress: Heart Brides 
Kirsty’s Shoes: Rainbow Club
Hair & Make-Up: Kirsty’s Friends – Paige Deering & Ruthie D
Tom’s Suit: Coes Stores
Saxophonist: The Sax Walker