Melinda & Lewis’s Twilight Wedding at The Old Rectory, Dunton

My first ever Twilight wedding and it was outside!  Woohoo!  My biggest concern about twilight weddings has always been the light, especially in Winter.  Don’t get me wrong, I looooooove using flash but it’s not very subtle, I can’t click away, I’ve got to wait for my flash and think about things a lot more.  More poor brain lol.

So when the ceremony finished and there was still a small amount of sunlight left I did something I never do… dragged my couple off straight away for a few photos of the two of them whilst the sun was setting.  I normally leave you be for 15 minutes or something so you can have a mingle and get a drink but the sun would have gone by then.  Luckily Melinda & Lewis were totally on board with this, just a few minutes away from guests and then a good mingle before a couple of groups.  Perfect <3

Venue:  Old Rectory, Essex