TB – Khloe & David – (Nearly) Snowy Friern Manor Wedding

NEARLY snowy, because it snowed super heavy the day before so we were all a bit worried! Remember that March 2018 when we basically had blizzards?
Khloe & David came as a referral from another photographer, who is now a good photo-friend (hi Holly!) and have received a bootiful GraphiStudio wedding album too <3
So, instead of the normal “here’s a bunch of images” post, I’m throwing in their album design along with some pretty ones and behind the scenes (including the wedding dress in my car!). Enjoy!

Venue: Friern Manor
Flowers & THE Holly: Pictures and Petals Ltd
Dress: Kay Mason Brides
Make-Up: Leanne Marie Makeup & Beauty
Hair: Natalie Jane Revell Hairdressing
Cake: Scarlett Heart Weddings & Events