Jessica & Philip’s Truly British Summertime Wedding (it rained… a lot!)

I met Jessica & Philip via a recommendation from another photographer – Barbara – who shot the wedding at the Tower of London that I seconded at a few years ago.  Barbara & family were at Jessica & Philip’s wedding and so were our ToL couple too.

So rain was forecast, which is fine, it’s always fine, you can’t change it, and I always have a selection of brollies in the car anyway.   Well, my cameras are “shower proof” whatever that means, but generally I’ll just leave them hanging on my harness and get on with it.  Well… this was the first and so far only wedding where it’s been raining so heavily I’ve had to take them off and take two camera bags into the reception venue.  It’s just as well I arranged for a second shooter/assistant to cover the church and first part of reception – if only to hold a brolly!

So we started, in the dry weather at Philip’s parents for a bit of Groom prep, I asked the guys to be showered and part ready by the time I was there, so we could do a bit of prep – then they could change out of it if they wanted to whilst I was with Jessica and the girls at a local hotel.

The ceremony was held at St Mary’s Church, Thorpe and the Vicar very kindly let me do a few group shots in the church – which made for a really stunning backdrop.  A few photos in the church doorway and a quick dash to the car we headed to Savill Gardens in Windsor Great Park.  We’d met there a few weeks earlier and scouted out the perfect locations for loads of photos….. except…. it was chucking it down!  In July!  So we did smaller groups, around tables in the marquee.  This did mean I didn’t get a shot of the marquee empty but I wasn’t planning on chucking 100+ people out into the rain – I’m not that mean!  We did smaller shots of details and table decorations whilst also grabbing loads of candid shots of guests whilst they were mingling.  Grub was a BBQ, an awesome BBQ, helped by a few ushers holding brollies so guests didn’t get wet whilst grabbing their food.  Just before dessert, there was a break in the weather.  Jessica & Philip found me (stuffing a burger in my face, obviously) and we headed out in to Savill Gardens for some gorgeous photos.  So worth it!  We even got Barbara doing the Rose & Jack Titanic pose!

After quickly scoffing profiteroles we cut the cake and headed up to the main building for the evening reception.  It’s such a beautiful building – check out the ceiling in the first dance pictures <3

Because of the rain, it was probably one of the hardest weddings I’ve shot, but… also one of the best!  I’ve had a sample album printed – duplicate of Jessica & Philip’s because it just shows you can have an awesome wedding in the rain – just enjoy it!

Church:  St Mary’s, Thorpe
Reception:  Savill Gardens, Windsor Great Park