Riina & Sean in Helsinki, Finland

Not strictly a wedding that I shot!  My good friend Dave at Volta Photography was the boss on this one, which was awesome as we were actually guests!
I used to go to school with Sean, we sat next to each other in Science but I didn’t like him.  Fast forward about 10 years and I move in with my Dave (not photo Dave, different Dave!), Sean was his previous housemate and one of his besties.  Weird, yes, but in a good way!  Photo Dave, is Sean’s twin sister (Emma)’s husband.  You following?
Anyway, Sean & Riina are a totally awesome couple!  They met whilst Sean was on a pub crawl whilst riding a green Space Hopper (still in my garage!)
Fast forward a few more years and they are engaged, wedding in Finland – Riina’s home, in the iconic Temppeliaukion ‘Church in The Rock’ in Helsinki that her Grandfather help design (I think).
I got quite drunk, got rice in my eye and danced ’til 5am.  Had an epic burger at an Irish pub (!) the following afternoon <3

FYI, I don’t dislike Sean anymore!