Lizzie & Carl’s Big Day @ Brentwood Cathedral & Old Rectory

OK I’m really struggling to whittle down the amount of pictures I put in this blog for Lizzie & Carl’s wedding – so sorry!  There’s 101!

So normally I start the day off a couple of hours before the ceremony at where-ever the Bride is getting ready – usually when hair and make-up are just finishing up.  But…. Lizzie and her girls were going to the Nag’s Head in Brentwood for breakfast, and if you know me, you’ll know I like food, so I joined them!  (The bacon + pancakes + maple syrup was awesome btw!)  It was nice, I got to know Lizzie’s bridesmaids a lot earlier and without the pressures of having a camera in my hand!  Although I did get some pics but food comes first!  ;)

The girls then headed to hairdressers’ Raymond Bottone also in Brentwood, where of course I followed!  (See if you can see me photo-bombing one of my own pictures!  Hint: reflection.)

Helen was on second shooting duties and met Carl and the boys at Carl’s brothers place – Lizzie had arranged an Aston Martin to take Carl to the Cathedral – a total surprise to Carl!

Lizzie and the Bridesmaids went back to Brentwood Holiday Inn to have make-up done and finally get dressed before heading off to the rather grand Brentwood Cathedral – a very important setting for Lizzie’s family.

Reception was held at the Old Rectory in Dunton and I eventually left Lizzie & Carl doing shots (amazing sequence of pictures below – love!)

It was a fantastic day with a fantastic set of people – thank you so much for having me :)

Sorry Helen ^_^
(She’s carry her own kit bag & camera, Carl’s jacket & pulling my camera bag too – epic!)