Fire Engines, Butterflies, The Boy That Doesn’t Like Cameras, BBQ’s & Fireworks

They say you should put personal stuff on your business pages – well, if anyone follows my Instagram then you’ll know I’ll post anything!

Every year since… before time began… my boyfriend’s family go to Aldeburgh Carnival on the coast of Suffolk during August.  The whole gathering has grown over the years and more and more families have joined the weekend’s fun.  2015 was my third year (second with a camera!).  It now always starts with, Dave’s nephew birthday as that generally falls on the same weekend.  Samuel turned 4 this time and had a shark themed party at his local village hall.  I was asked to bring my camera, but to be honest I got a bit carried away with the bouncy castle!

Then we’re off to Suffolk, this year we visited Jimmy’s Farm – lots of animals and butterflies there – and reindeer too!  Then to Dave’s parents house for good food, drinks, friends and family.  There is Aldeburgh Carnival (no pics of this as some of us decided to enter it, rather last minute!) then there is a lantern procession which I will try to photograph every year!  And last but not least fireworks from the beach.  Same time next year Aldeburgh <3

The boy who does not like cameras or posing… except for me :D
Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging38 Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging40 Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging41 Then this happened – quite randomly!  Kids loved it!  Thank you Great Baddow Firemen!Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging42 Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging43
Someone not impressed with not winning pass-the-parcel!Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging44
Piñata carnage!Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging45 Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging46
Jimmy’s FarmEssex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging47 Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging50 Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging51 Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging48
Samuel’s Birthday part 2!Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging52
Dave has always said to me he gets left out of any pictures because he’s busy BBQ-ing.  Get ready for next years action shots!Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging53 Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging54 Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging55Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging57 Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging58Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging60 Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging61 Essex_Rayleigh_Wedding_Photographer_Clare_Kentish_Limelight_Imaging62