A Family Portrait – Amaya

I was asked by owners of The Cherry Tree pub in Rochford if I could provide something for a charity night they were hosting – of course!
The fundraising was for Tracy Ralph – a local Mum-of-two who was taken to hospital with pneumonia on Christmas Eve 2014.  She then suffered from meningitis, septicaemia, blood clots and bleeding on the brain, she had to have her feet and legs amputated below the knee, as well as her fingers.  The money raised is going to help Tracy with prosthetics and towards making Tracy and her family’s life as easy as possible.
I don’t know Tracy personally, but the regular updates show she is doing well, she’s at home and with prosthetics.  Websites for more info:
Team TC
You Caring

Rachel & Aaron received the voucher I had donated – they’re not local either – they live in Australia!  (No I didn’t fly out and catch some rays!)  They flew over here to see Rachel’s parents in Essex.
We had a great little shoot in Mum & Dad’s lounge (the light was fantastic!) and Amaya was perfect!  Even got a snap of the dog too!

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