The Digital World

MM_0312lrHonestly, I don’t mind guests taking pictures – I don’t mind it when they get in the way (you can make a funny out of it, making people smile for my picture!)

The only time it does bother me is when I’ve lined up my perfect shot of the Bride & Groom as they make their way down the aisle as fresh newly-weds, only for a guest to walk into the aisle with a giant iPad, spend what seems an eternity getting his shot, only for mine, the paid professional (and subsequently, the Bride & Groom’s) prized picture to be ruined.  That moment has now gone, all the emotion has passed and cannot be recreated – all we can do is smile and move on, prepare for the next great shot.

Lots of blogs have recently posted about ‘going unplugged’ on your wedding day and asking your guests to as well.  What do you think?