Nikki & Gerrard’s Wedding Day at Tudor Barn, Eltham

I was excited for this wedding for a few reasons – first time across Dartford Toll since loosing the barriers(!) and first time at Tudor Barn, near Greenwich in London.  Their website looked stunning, the video on there was all I needed to reassure me that it was going to be a good day.

As usual, I got there early, had a wander around the venue, scouting out the best spots for all the shots, particularly where to do the groups as it was a bit chilly – I don’t like making the guests stay outside for too long – this was helped later on by the addition of Nikki & Gerrard’s toastmaster.


So I met Gerrard and his boys in the bar area (obviously!)  I’ll be honest, Gerrard and I got on like a house on fire!  We had a bundle of laughs which I hope helped ease any last minute nerves he might have had.  On this day I was working with James at Digital Weddings who was with Nikki in her morning preparations.

NG-0046  NG-0061NG-0009   NG-0077  NG-0100 NG-0132Nikki had worked hard on getting all those little bits and pieces together for her big day and everything tied in nicely with the hall decorations at Tudor Barn.

NG-0206NG-0214   NG-0216NG-0228
Ready to go get married!

NG-0233 NG-0288 NG-0297 NG-0305 NG-0312 NG-0349 NG-0422 NG-0609NG-0641      NG-0646NG-0740 NG-0767     NG-0775NG-0796 NG-0818   NG-0806NG-0908

Everyone was up for  good party – such a joy to photograph – thank you for a fantastic day :)